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Teachers love Monster Phonics because

· They see a rise in phonics screening tests scores and reading progression which they correlate with Monster Phonics

· This is a new approach using colour and monsters as sound cues making it easy to talk about graphemes and phonemes

· Previously disengaged children flourish with Monster Phonics

· Covers the KS1 National Curriculum and Reception

· Lesson plans, Powerpoints, songs, videos, flashcards, activities – incredible value at £149

Children love Monster Phonics because

· Our content is engaging and multisensory.

· They love monsters and making progress!

Laura Hanafin, Year 1 Teacher, Great Binfields Primary, Hampshire
“Last year was the first year that we did it for the whole year and our phonics screening results were the highest by a long way compared to previous years. The children did amazingly well and in our area of Hampshire we did really well. We completely correlate that to Monster Phonics. Their reading progression changed so dramatically through the year. And we’re seeing the same trend again now. Now that we have gone through the sounds in Monster Phonics we are seeing the children’s reading starting to change dramatically.”

“We did the trial and within two sessions we knew that we wanted to carry on with it, we were really impressed. The kids loved it ..there was no way we could have done two days of the trial and then said, we’re not going to do those monsters anymore because the children were completely taken in that first session.”

Victoria Alliston, Teacher at River Primary School, Kent

‘Last year we started using this in term in FS and Year 1 and were pleased with the outcome of our phonics testing being the highest yet at 86%. We therefore made the decision to continue with our subscription and have started teaching it to our new children. We now use it through FS, 1 and 2 and we have seen the children using the different monster characters to explore alternatives for their writing rather than always sticking to the same sound.’

Ewa Wilson, Executive Headteacher of Bonners and Buxted School, East Sussex

“Have been really pleased with the monster phonics resources and programme. Pupils are securing understanding of phonic sounds far quicker compared to previous years. The layout of the scheme enables secure coverage ready for the year 1 screening check. Great for ready planning and extremely straightforward to use and access. The resources are fun and varied. We have enjoyed phonics sessions.”

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