About the Founder


After initially qualifying as an Audiological Scientist, Ingrid Connors has worked in education for most of her adult life. Her experience of teaching dyslexic pupils both in the UK primary and international schools led her on a mission to develop multisensory resources that support all learning styles. The system behind Monster Phonics has involved linguistic research and a dedication to detail, resulting a teaching method that is so simple to follow that it feels like child’s play.


Ingrid has an EAL background and dyslexic family members (including two of her children). She supports campaigns which promote global education and aims change to public perception and understanding of dyslexia. Monster Phonics is committed to providing visual learners with the support that they need in whole class phonics lessons or intervention. Monster Phonics has inbuilt pronunciation cues and therefore facilitates EAL learners more than any other phonics programme.