Amie Liversidge

Monster Phonics Trainer

My name is Amie Liversidge and I’m a qualified Primary Teacher in West Berkshire. Being a mummy to two young boisterous boys I’m taking a break from the classroom and currently work part time supporting HR at a specialist residential school for children and young people who are severely affected by autism. Between teaching roles, I wanted to expand my vocational experience and have been lucky enough to work in marketing and account management roles for a leading educational publisher and a large educational technology company. 

In wanting to better support and engage my own 4-year-old’s interest in learning phonics at home we found Monster Phonics. The fun, engaging multisensory nature of Monster Phonics really helped to capture his interest and bring a real sense of joy to learning. In particular, he loves the Tricky Witch and she has been invaluable in helping to make the tricky words make sense.

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