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Our Monster Phonics books are aligned to the National Curriculum, meet all the Ofsted requirements, and most importantly are fun and engaging. Easy and exciting to read for children with read-along sections for parents of younger children that help bring the story to life.

Meeting the needs of the Ofsted Primary Framework

Matched to Letters and Sounds and the KS1 Curriculum, Monster Phonics books ensure that children are reading using the phonics that has been taught.  Each book focuses on a key grapheme and ability-appropriate high-frequency words. Our books are also priced cost-effectively to allow schools to buy enough books for home-school reading. Read more about the Ofsted Primary Framework.

Our phonic reading books are also matched to the Monster Phonics Programme, a complete scheme which meets all statutory requirements.  Monster Phonics uses colour to help children learn the link between sound and spelling. This significantly improves progress, helping children to read with confidence. Find out how his works.

Phonics keyword and high-frequency word practice boxes at the start of each book help children to read the story with confidence. Stories include wow words and centre around the popular monster characters. Each book ends with questions to develop comprehension skills.

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