Schools Webinar 1: An introduction to Monster Phonics

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Learn how Monster Phonics

- accelerates learning

- is fun and engaging

- improves confidence


This training provides an insight into the world of Monster Phonics and its alignment with the systematic teaching of phonics.

Learn about how the programme supports and accelerates children’s learning through the implementation of the Monster Phonics Scheme.

This training will provide multi-sensory lessons and resources to implement straight into the classroom to improve engagement, enjoyment and results.

To get the most out of this training, we recommend that you take a free trial of the Monster Phonics programme. This expires automatically after 15 days.

"The improved results in schools using Monster Phonics are significant. I would urge any school and any teacher seeking to better help all children to start using Monster Phonics today."
Ros Wilson, Creator of Big Writing

Email if your school would like to host free phonics training.