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How do I know what order to teach the programme?

Follow the Termly Plan on each resource page. This gives daily planning for the term. Please note, that if you are on a free trial you may not have access to all of the lessons in the termly plan.The Monster Phonics teaching programme is aligned to the KS1 and Reception Spelling Curriculum. Lessons in Year 1 and Year 2 are in the same order of the Spelling Curriculum. Teachers can choose to teach in a different order but the alignment to the National Curriculum ensures coverage of all parts of the curriculum. The work covered in Reception includes all letters of the alphabet, consonant digraphs, adjacent consonants and the process of segmenting, as outlined in the Spelling Curriculum.

Does Monster Phonics cover the National Curriculum completely?

Yes, all aspects including phonics, suffixes, prefixes, spelling rules and common exception words are covered.

Does Monster Phonics teach Letters and Sounds?

Yes, teachers can equally use Monster Phonics to teach each of the phases of Letters and Sounds. Our easy-to-use search allows teachers to select graphemes within each phase to teach.

Do you have to use the colour to teach all of the time?

No, colour-coding is a useful teaching tool. It helps children make the connection between letters and sounds. Having the monsters as sound-cues also makes phonics more meaningful. We also provide plain text opportunities in the programme. For example, the common exception and high-frequency flashcards are provided both in colour and in plain text. Our online phonics games are also in plain text.Our feedback shows that children use the memory of the colour-coding and monster sounds when reading non colour-coded text outside of the phonics lessons. For example, seeing the word ‘seed’ in a science lesson, a child reported ‘that’s a Green Froggy grapheme, we say ee.’

Does Monster Phonics assess progress?

Yes, Monster Phonics provides both formative assessments (after every 8 or 9 lessons) and summative yearly assessments for phonics, common exception words and high-frequency words. These are aligned with the end of Year 1 phonics screening test and the teacher assessment frameworks at the end of Year 2.

What technical equipment do I need to run the programme?

Monster Phonics is an online programme which can be viewed on any device – PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device. When teaching Monster Phonics an interactive whiteboard or projector is ideal, particularly to teach from the PowerPoints which help to introduce each lesson.

Do I need to use Monster Phonics magnetic letters?

No, the entire programme can be taught without using the magnetic letters. However, they are recommended as the colour-coded magnetic letters are a very useful teaching resource which benefit most children.

Do you provide training for our teachers?

Yes, we offer local and online training. Please complete the contact form to discuss the option which is most suited for your school.

How long does a subscription last?

1 year

What happens at the end of a subscription?

We will contact you one month before to let you know that your subscription is about to expire and to give you the option to renew.

Will I be billed automatically at the end of my subscription?

No. You will be asked if you wish to renew. It will not happen automatically.

How do I use the downloadable resources to teach a lesson

Here is some further detail on the structure of each lesson and how to use each of the resources providedHow to Teach 

How can I find out more about the monsters and their graphemes?

Our Meet the Monsters Video introduces the monsters and tells you about their graphemes and the sound that they make.Children love the Monsters' World Cards which provide more detail about the monsters and their life in Monster Phonics Land. These can be found in the Printed Materials section which also includes Monster Grapheme Posters and other posters for your classroom.