Tricky and Decodable Word Cards

Tricky Word Cards

Monster Phonics brings phonics to life and makes it easier to learn and remember. Each colour represents a sound which makes learning easier. Each colour is linked to a monster that makes that sound, making learning fun! 

We have a complete set of Tricky Word cards for you to enjoy. Click on the picture to download for your class. See how children learn faster and have lots of fun doing it! 

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About Monster Phonics

How does Monster Phonics work?
Monster Phonics enables English to be learnt in a simplistic way. The 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters make 44 different sounds (phonemes) in English.There are 144 ways (graphemes) to spell these 44 sounds. For example, the sound A is spelt 8 different ways; ay (play), ai (train), a-e (make), a (apron), ei (vein), eigh (eight), ea (great), ey (grey).Monster Phonics uses the 10 monsters to categorise all sounds into 10 simple areas. Furthermore, each monster has a different colour and that colour also represents the sound. This means children can recognise the monsters and the colour associated with the sound, which helps them spell, read and write.The use of monsters and the games associated with Monster Phonics ensures Monster Phonics is a fun and engaging way to learn, further accelerating the speed of learning for all.
What Curriculum does Monster Phonics follow?
The Monster Phonics Programme is closely aligned to Letters and Sounds and the KS1 Spelling Curriculum to ensure that all requirements are covered in EYFS and KS1. The scheme is used as an intervention resource in KS2.
How much does the programme cost?
The programme is only £229 per year, as part of a 3-year subscription for a whole school. This includes a login for every member of your school and parent community.
Do you have a corresponding phonics reading scheme?
Yes, our reading scheme is widely used and very popular with schools, children and parents too. Read our Trust Pilot reviews. out more about our Books and eBooks