Jack and the Beanstalk


Read the PowerPoint

Read the oo words and high-frequency words on the final page.

Cool Blue makes the oo sound and colours the oo sounds blue.

Children make their own oo flashcards. Use the colour-code, write the oo in blue. 

moon room food zoom mood spoon boom cool

oo Game 

Print the flashcards. Select 5 oo flashcards, read and insert each into a cup. Turn the cup over and move the cups around.

Ask your child to close their eyes and remove a cup.

Can they guess the missing word?

The flashcards are revealed one by one. The aim of the game is to try to guess the missing word as quick as possible.

Character Actions

Use templates to write one or more oo sentences.

They had no food.

It was as high as the moon.

He was in a big room.

He was in a bad mood.

Zoom! Cool Blue came to help.

oo Game – Word Families

Hide oo flashcards around the room. Write oom and oon on separate pieces of paper. Hunt to find all the oo flashcards and stick on the paper with the correct word family eg moon and soon are stuck to the oon paper. 

Model Sentence Writing

Write this sentence to model writing for your child. 

‘There is a hen for you mum.’

Ask your child to write this.

Ask if they write similar sentences. ‘There is a harp for you.’

oo Word Search

Donwload the word search and find the hidden oo words.

Watch the video – Down at the Zoo

Meet Cool Blue and hear how he helps to look after all of the animals. Can you remember all of the oo words from the song?


Revisit the Jack and the Beanstalk story by reading the eBook. Read the ar words on the final page.

ar Word Art

Draw ar words in colour code on large sheets of paper. 

start market farm harp sharp hard

car cart park bark

Colour the ‘ar’ in gold by using crayons, pastels, paints and pens. We say that Tricky Witch has changed the sounds so that it is a little different to what you might except by sounding out  a-r. This help children to remember the spelling.

Book Making

Print Jack and the Beanstalk pdf.

Read and sequence the pages, which are then fastened together. The children then re-read the story.

Can they find any ar words in the story?

harp started hard sharp farm market

Speech Bubbles

Model writing each of the following sentences:

Go to the market.

I will start to go up.

We live on a farm.

My harp can sing.

Plant them on your farm.

I have a sharp axe.

I am a harp.

Write sentences. Use a white board if possible. Cut out the characters on the Speech Bubbles pdf and write the sentence in the speech bubbles. Stick all the characters on a large piece of paper and add drawings to create a scene.

Monster Phonics ar Worksheets

Watch the video – A Little Bit of Magic

Can you remember all of the ar words from the song?

ar Hopscotch Game

Draw a hopscotch with 8 boxes. Instead of numbers in the boxes write the ar words in chalk. 

Each player has a marker such as a stone or button.

The first player stands behind the starting line to toss the marker in square one. READ the word in square one. The hop over square one to square two and then continue hopping to square eight, turn around, and hop back again, picking up the marker and READING the word again on the way back.

Then continue by tossing the stone and READING the word in square two.

Phonics Art

Recap the oo and the ar graphemes.

Use a variety of colouring materials to create oo and ar flashcards for a wall display.

– paint, pastels, felt pens

– playdough letters

– draw on an iPad drawing app and print

Take photos of models and screenshot of digital work.

ar Word Search

Download the word search and find the ar words.

Game – ar Fishing

Print the ar flashcards. Place a paperclip on each ar flashcard. Use a magnet tied to a string, ideally passed through a straw to create a fishing rod. Children take turns to fish and read. They write down their catch.

Sentence Writing & Yes/No Questions

Print the Sentence Writing template and Yes/No Questions.

Use hard sharp car card star soon broom moon to write the following sentences.

Some card is hard and sharp.

We went there in the car.

Soon we will see the moon.

Brush with a little broom.

Ask your child to draw a picture for each sentence.


Yes/No Questions

Read each question and answer yes or no.