Monster Phonics Toys

Lots of schools have been asking for monster toys to use in their teaching. We are excited to say that they are on their way! The first samples have been sent to Barmston Village Primary School who are exploring all of the exciting learning opportunities.

Monster Phonics is child-centred and delivers results. In one year, Barmston Village Primary School saw a 33% increase in the Year 2 phonics screening scores pass rate. As Monster Phonics is DfE validated, the school has secured funding through their English Hub too.

Teachers consistently report the dramatic impact of the scheme in their school. Data from high-users of the scheme shows a percentage point increase of 13% in their first year of using Monster Phonics. Phonics catch-up in the first term after the 2020 lockdown was also significant in Monster Phonics schools, with the phonics pass rate in Year 2 improving by an average of 30% (12% to 42% range) to pre-Covid levels by December.

We cannot wait to hear more from Barmston Village Primary school. If you would like a monster to visit your school, email

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Child-Centred and Delivers Results