New Phonics Books

Dear [FNAME] 

We are delighted to be launching our Phonics Reading Scheme, forming 100 completely new books, aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted’s primary inspection framework. 

Just like the Monster Phonics Programme, the books are colour-coded based on the adventures of the Monsters.  These help children learn the link between sound and spelling in a fun and engaging way. 

At only £299 for the whole scheme (100 books) or £994 for 5 copies of the whole scheme (500 books), our phonics books make home-school reading sets affordable for every school.  For more information and see how to order here.

A free trial of our phonics programme is also available. Sign-up with only an email address for 15 days access.

Feel free to email or call 0800 211 8052 to find out more.

Best wishes 

Ingrid ConnorsFounder        
Call 0800 211 8052