Monster Books

Monster Phonics Reading Books are on their way!

Matched to Letters and Sounds and the KS1 Curriculum, Monster Phonics reading books are set to engage your children more than any other reading scheme!

Evidence shows that Monster Phonics’ unique colour-coding for sound improves results. Our books are also more engaging with our extremely popular monsters featuring as the main characters in each story.

So much has been added to the Monster Phonics Programme in the last year … 

New Reception lessons that use traditional stories to teach new graphemes and consolidate previous learning.

New Year 1 and 2 Revision lessons that follow the KS1 National Curriculum, so you know that everything is covered. Year 1 starts with a week of activities to prepare your children the upcoming phonics screen. Formative assessment is built-in to the planning ensuring that there are no gaps in learning.

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