£149 Online INSET Training & Parent Information Package

£149.00 + VAT

To help you successfully implement Monster Phonics from day 1, we are offering a new 1-hour online Staff INSET and a Parent Information Session for only £99 + VAT. These two sessions will ensure Monster Phonics has an immediate impact on improving results, it will save you time, enable your school to demonstrate to parents the quality of phonics teaching, and importantly, will help parents help their children at home. They can be booked on different dates to allow you to have a staff INSET now and a parent session in September.


The two sessions will cover:Session 1: Online 1-Hour Monster Phonics TrainingThis INSET session is for your school only.  This covers the basics of how to teach Phonics using Monster Phonics, exploring all the fantastic ideas and resources included within full membership.  All staff will then be able to quickly and easily implement MP in the classroom.Session 2: Parent Information SessionParents of your school will be given a link to attend this live session. This session will cover what phonics is, how phonics is taught, how Monster Phonics works and ideas to help support learning at home. We recommend all schools deliver an annual parent information session as we see high parental engagement with the programme.