Bumper Set of Flashcards! Keywords, HFWs, CEWs

£199.00 + VAT

Accelerate learning with Monster Phonics colour-coded flashcards.

Each set includes flashcards, consisting of the 2274 phonics keywords, high-frequency words and 109 common exception words. Our double-sided flashcards show the colour-coded word on one side and plain text on the other.

To celebrate the launch of our flashcards, for this half-term only, we are offering a discount on multiple purchases

Payments can be made by invoice.

Number of Sets Price per Set Total Saving for Schools
              1        £199 £199
              2        £169 £338 -15%
              3        £149 £447 -25%


Buy a set of Magnetic Letters (2 boxes – 154 pieces) and Monster Toys at half-price when you buy one or more sets of Flashcards. The colour-coded flashcards make phonics easy to learn. Ideally use these with our matching colour-coded magnetic letters and Monster Toys to improve progress through multi-sensory learning.

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The flashcards are carefully organised in the order of the teaching programme to save time and make life easy for teachers. The flashcards for each year group is in its own separate box.

Our cost-effective flashcards save schools money as they are cheaper than the cost for schools to produce themselves.


Additional information

1 Set (£199/set)

Total of £199

2 Sets (£169/set)

Total of £338 (15% discount)

3 Sets (£149/set)

Total of £447 (25% discount)