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Home Learning Starter Pack


Kick Start Monster Phonics home learning with our Home Learning Starter Pack. This gives you everything you need to start learning phonics in a fun and engaging way.

  • 10 Grapheme Posters, one for each Monster, show the spellings that make each sound in the English language. Monster Phonics simplifies learning by grouping spellings by sound. Each sound is linked to a colour and a Monster which makes the sound.
  • Sounds Cards simplify learning phonics.
  1. 1 x A4 Phonics Sounds Card
  2. 1 x A4 100 High-Frequency Word Card
  3. 1 x A4 200 High-Frequency Word Card
  • Set of 4 Tricky and Decodable Cards helps children quickly learn the high-frequency words taught in Reception.
  1. Letters and Sounds Phases 2 to 5
  2. A5 Double-Sided
  • 4 Spelling Books Each book shows colour-coded spelling lists for every grapheme in the Spelling Curriculum. Word lists have been carefully selected to include the most common words for every grapheme. Colour-coded for sound to accelerate learning, the Monster Phonics Spelling Books cover all KS1 graphemes, spelling rules, high-frequency and common exception words.
  1. Year 1 – Book 1A and Book 1B
  2. Year 2 – Book 2A and Book 2B

Price includes VAT and UK shipping cost.

Monster Phonics books ensure that children’s read using the phonics that has been taught in school. Each engaging story focuses on a key grapheme. Essential high-frequency words and comprehension questions are included to develop fluency and understanding.


Why is Monster Phonics improve learning?

Traditional ways of learning to spell can be time-consuming and for some children they are ineffective. Monster Phonics is colour-coded for sound to accelerate learning.

The colour coding of the spelling books is aligned with the Monster Phonics programme which recognises that children learn differently. It provides different memory cues for multiple ways of learning.

The 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters make 44 speech sounds in English.
The 44 sounds (phonemes) are spelt by 144 different letter combinations (graphemes). For example, the sound A is spelt 5 different ways ay (play), ai (train).

Monster Phonics categorises sounds into 10 areas and uses the Monsters as a categorisation. Each monster has a different colour. That colour represents that way of spelling the sound.

Children learn through the assignment of colour and the linkage of the sound, as well as seeing the colour, creating more ways of remembering the spelling.

In addition, Monster Phonics Apps are a useful home learning support and are available to purchase from the App or Play Store.