Mitchell Brook Primary School

Our experience has been exceptional

I am so glad we made the switch to Monster Phonics! Our experience has been exceptional in regards to the structure of the programme, the wide range of high-quality resources available and the regularly communication and development of the programme to strive to improve and adapt this based on the schools who are delivering in their schools. Charlotte Lea-Robbins (Assistant Headteacher)

We have now been using Monster Phonics for nearly two years and the children absolutely love the monster characters and the colours associated with them. The colours have really helped children to decode words beyond their reading level and the attainment of children in reading has increased with this. I would highly recommend Monster Phonics as a phonics programme to other schools. Zara Ilić (Early Literacy Lead)

Here are Mitchell’s favourite resources

Power Points


Reading Books

Magnetic Letters


What the kids are saying...

"I love the monsters and the stories that go with them"

Green Froggy

"Tricky Witch is my favourite but she can't trick me!"

Tricky Witch

"Phonics is one of my favourite lessons!"

Miss Oh No

"I improve my reading with the help of the monsters"


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