Tanya Haigh

Monster Phonics Trainer

I am a teacher and leader, with 23 years experience in schools and education.  I have held a wide variety of roles, both in schools at middle and senior leader levels and Headship, as well as within Local Authorities and Teaching Schools as part of school improvement teams. I am an aspirational, visionary teacher with an unshakable belief in achieving high standards of education for all. I have a proven track record in raising standards in teaching and learning across the curriculum, leading and managing change for schools and demonstrating impact on school outcomes and improvements. 

My particular subject specialisms are the primary English curriculum, Early Phonics, Reading and progression, EYFS and KS1 and also SEND. These are firmly grounded in the New OFSTED Framework and guided by the key themes, strands and research which underpin deep dives and any OFSTED inspections. Messages and training to support schools in Phonics and Early reading are aligned with key DFE messages. I have experience of  directly working with different stakeholders in school teams, providing training and CPD. I have also undertaken school reviews, audits and supported self-evaluation, either with a focus on general teaching and learning or with more specific dives around vulnerable groups, SEND and Phonics and Early Reading.

Outside of teaching I have a busy family life with a husband and two daughters. We enjoy reading, shopping, cooking and especially family film nights – often accompanied by a huge bag of popcorn!

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