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3 Year - £399 per year
  • Access for 3 years maintains the continuity of learning
  • See year on year improved results
  • Embed Monster Phonics for long term gains
1 Year - £599
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Monster Phonics membership will give all your teaching staff access to the planning, daily lessons, assessments, and intervention resources covering all the reception, year 1, and year 2 phonics and interventions across school.
Yes, in order to ensure high-quality teaching and overall school fidelity to the programme, our training is mandatory on taking a subscription. Monster Phonics is committed to providing continuous, high-quality training, to all those leading or delivering phonics.
It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend you purchase the Monster Phonics reading scheme together with the membership to accelerate learning and improve results. Our decodable books are 100% aligned with our phonics programme.
No, they are not. The eBooks subscription is purchased separately. Please Visit our shop to purchase eBooks and all other additional resources and materials.