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Aligned to the National Curriculum, our books meet all Ofsted criteria. Easy and exciting to read for children with read-along sections for parents of younger children that help bring the story to life.

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Monster Phonics significantly improves progress, helping children to read with confidence. Find out how his works.

Monster Phonics Reading Scheme consists of 210 books spanning the range of Fiction, and Non-Fiction for Schools and  Nurseries. As recommended in the Ofsted Primary Framework, Monster Phonics books ensure that children are reading using the phonics that has been taught. Each book focuses on a key grapheme and ability-appropriate high-frequency words and is matched to the programme. Our books are also priced cost-effectively to allow schools to buy enough books for home-school reading.

Guidance on Using Decodable Books

Why choose our books?

Monster Phonics books are decodable books that children love. Each story is so engaging that schools report that Monster Phonics books are the children’s favourite out of all their books. Phonics keyword and high-frequency word practice boxes at the start of each book help children to read the story with confidence. Each book includes ‘wow words’ to boost vocabulary and ends with questions to develop comprehension skills.

Monster Phonics for Schools

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Our range of decodable texts are matched to the phonics the children are learning. They include fiction and non-fiction titles. Our books colour-code for the key grapheme and high-frequency words to accelerate learning. Engaging content that creates a love of reading and takes children on journey from pre-reading to fluency.

Our scheme of decodable fiction books  consists of 130 decodable books aligned to the programme and 10 Meet the Monster books. At only £488 for the entire set (140 books) or £1699 for 5 copies of the entire set of fiction (700 books), our phonics books make guided reading sets affordable for every school. Books can also be purchased for a specific year group or in individual stages.

Our scheme of non-fiction decodable books are also aligned to the programme. One entire set of non-fiction (50 books) costs only £219 and £925 for 5 copies of the entire set.

We have books for pre-reading books too. Our  Foundation in Phonics books are ideal for children in Nursery and early in Reception. This range consists of 20 Phase 1 books and 10 Meet the Monster books.

eBooks subscriptions are available with access for parents to the whole scheme of 130 fiction eBooks, or for specific year groups or stages. An ideal way to ensure continuity of home learning support.

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Monster Phonics is a highly advanced multisensory Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme (SSP). It uses 10 monsters to categorise all sounds into 10 simple areas. Monster Phonics categorises sounds into 10 areas and uses the Monsters as a categorisation. Each monster has a different colour. That colour represents that way of spelling the sound. Watch the video: How Monster Phonics Works
The Monster Phonics Reading Scheme is divided into 12 stages. In each stage there are 10 books.

There are 60 books in the Reception - stages 1, 2 and 3, 3.1 and 3.2
There are 50 books in the Year 1 - stages 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
There are 20 books in the Year 2 - stages 8 and 9
Phonics books use phonics that children have been taught. The order of teaching phonics is matched to the curriculum in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

The phonics focus words and high-frequency word practice boxes at the start of each book help children familiarise themselves with the phonics and vocabulary prior to reading. Comprehension questions help aid children’s development and inference skills.
Monster Phonics enables English to be learnt in a simplistic way. The 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters make 44 different sounds (phonemes) in English.

There are 144 ways (graphemes) to spell these 44 sounds. For example, the sound A is spelt 8 different ways; ay (play), ai (train), a-e (make), a (apron), ei (vein), eigh (eight), ea (great), ey (grey).

Monster Phonics uses the 10 monsters to categorise all sounds into 10 simple areas. Furthermore, each monster has a different colour and that colour also represents the sound. This means children can recognise the monsters and the colour associated with the sound, which helps them spell, read and write.

The use of monsters and the games associated with Monster Phonics ensures Monster Phonics is a fun and engaging way to learn, further accelerating the speed of learning for all.

In each book, colour highlights the focus spelling (grapheme). Monster Phonics also uses colour to help children to read high-frequency words (common words such as ‘when’ and ‘said’) with fluency. You will find that the colour is dropped from the word once that spelling has been taught.
Parents will be able to create their own login details to access all the reading book at any time.
To support learning, Monster Phonics decodable books should be read alongside the programme as part of your guided reading sessions. We recommend 3 guided reading sessions per week, after which the book is sent home for home reading. For further guidance on placement and how to deliver guided reading, please refer to the section on guided reading in our online manual.