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Confident children

Monster Phonics exists to help children accelerate their learning in reading and spelling. We want all children to be confident, independent learners. 

Engaging lessons

Monster Phonics creates fun and engaging lesson plans. The scheme uses colour-coding and a multi-sensory experience to help children learn. 

Easy to teach

DfE-listed, MP is designed as a whole-class scheme for children in Reception and Key Stage 1 and as intervention in KS1 and 2. The resources are mapped against the National Curriculum for ease. 

Improves results

Monster Phonics accelerates progress for every child, significantly raising phonics screening scores. Rather than relying on rote learning, it promotes understanding.


Since 2016, Great Binfields Primary phonics results have increased by 9.5% and are considerably above both the National and Hampshire average scores.

High-Quality and Cost-effective at £149

Monster Phonics was voted as one of the top twenty ideas in world education at the BETT show in 2015 and was a BETT finalist in 2017 – the only phonics company to receive this honour. Monster Phonics has also been reviewed and listed by the DfE as a mark of quality. At only £149 Monster Phonics ensures cost-effective high-quality teaching of Reception and the KS1 spelling curriculum.


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  • Victoria Alliston, River Primary School, Kent

    We are enjoying monster phonics so much at River primary school and are having great success with children’s involvement in the activities suggested. We have never seen such excitement from some of the children to engage in phonics, especially the boys. so thank you!

  • Ewa Wilson, Head of School at Bonners and Buxted School, East Sussex

    “We’ve been really pleased with the Monster Phonics resources and programme. Pupils are securing understanding of phonic sounds far quicker compared to previous years. The layout of the scheme enables secure coverage ready for the year 1 screening check. Great for ready planning and extremely straight forward to use and access. The resources are fun and varied. We have enjoyed phonics sessions.” 

  • Anita Spanou, Teacher, St Pauls and All Hallows School, Haringey

    Monster Phonics has been a great tool for the school and definitely something that we are keen to renew for the new academic year. All the children have benefited from the different resources and have engaged in the variety of exciting lessons. 


  • Maryse Vernon, Year 2 Teacher at Harrow International School, Bangkok

    I have been using Monster Phonics in my lessons since April 2014 and noticed a new vibe and a buzz amongst my students. They absolutely adore the monster characters and constantly relate to them when they are reading or writing. Not only are the children able to make easy connections to the sounds the characters represent but they love their stories and the catchy songs or dances. Often the children add their own part to a story making use of the phonic strategy they have learnt.

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