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Monster Phonics is a complete phonics programme used in primary schools. Help your children to read and spell the first 300 High-Frequency Words with Monster Phonics Apps.  Once learned these words stay with children forever. The first 300 High-Frequency Words make up 65% of all reading texts so learning these words quickly is incredibly important for all children. The apps are an ideal way for parents to support learning at home.

The revolutionary use of colour coding and characterisation has been proven to dramatically accelerate progress in reading. The number of “tricky” words is reduced considerably with the colour coding system. The apps also teach handwriting and the correct letter formation for the most common words.

Monster Phonics products are listed as effective multi-sensory phonics resources by the Department for Education, UK. The app supports the reading and spelling of high-frequency words and is part of a wider phonics scheme that supports the New Curriculum for Spelling (KS1) and phonics in Reception. Monster Phonics Apps have been developed specifically to make phonics more accessible for all learners.  Read more about how Monster Phonics works.                    

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Monster Phonics for Schools

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