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Below is just a sample of our phonics games designed for classroom use.

The words in these games are plain text (not colour coded) by design. Colour-coding clearly shows the link between spelling and sound.  Reading plain non-colour coded text allows children to connect what they have learnt about spelling and sound and everyday print. In Monster Phonics provide colour coded and plain text resources. The games here provide plain text practice.

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Word Fish

free phonics games online reading games Free children's gamesSelect a year group, then choose a monster to go fishing with Cool Blue. Finally select a grapheme and click start.

Use the mouse clicks to drop and raise the fishing line. Click once to drop the line into the ocean, wait for a fish to take the bait, click again to reel in the catch. The aim of the game is to catch as many real word fish as possible. Catching fish with real words wins points, but catching fish with nonsense points looses points. See if you can catch all the real words listed at the bottom of the page before the game ends.

Box Maze

Screenshot (6)

Help each character find the right path to the gem! Start by clicking on the orange box. Then click on the neighbouring box with the right word. You’ve got 120 seconds to find the right path and collect the gem! Good luck!

Matching Pairs Game

matching game free phonics games Interactive phonic games

Select a year group, then choose a monster to fly the rocket. Finally, select a grapheme and click start.

Click on a card to turn it over and reveal its hidden word. Click on another to do the same. If a matching pair is found, then the cards disappear and a point it won. The aim is to discover all the matching pairs in the shortest time.


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