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Our range of decodable texts are matched to the phonics that children are taught in school. They include fiction and non-fiction titles. Our books colour-code for the key grapheme and high-frequency words to accelerate learning. Engaging content creates a love of reading and takes children on a journey from pre-reading to fluency.

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eBooks subscriptions are available for schools and include access for all parents. You can control the level of access for parents to a single stage or to a whole year group. An ideal way to ensure continuity of home learning support.


Support your learners by bringing phonics to life with our premium range of classroom materials. Flashcards, monster characters, toys, posters and charts accelerate progress by embedding this easy-to-learn colour-coded phonics. Our resources make phonics easy and fun to teach too.


Rapidly accelerate learning to read and spell by supporting at home using our range of resources. Flashcards sets, magnetic letters, books and parent bundles offering a selection of resources are available. Don't forget to join one of our free parent webinars with handy tips and all you need to know about phonics.


Develop speech and language skills and sound awareness with our range of teacher books and resources. These complement our online foundations programme which has over 70 phase 1 activities to ensure that your children have secured the foundations of phonics.