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Monster Phonics supports English Hubs to provide high quality phonics teaching and learning provision using the Monster Phonics programme. We have a team dedicated to supporting English Hubs, literacy specialists and partner schools.


We offer a free 2-hour online training session for hub leads and literacy specialist who would like to learn more about the Monster Phonics programme and how to support partner schools using the programme.

The training will provide an in-depth overview of the scheme, delivering lessons, assessment, intervention and reading sessions using the Monster Phonics programme. The session will also cover supporting schools to embed the programme and the additional resources available to support learning.

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Free Sample Resources

If you are delivering a Showcase event, we can provide free Monster Phonics
sample resources for attendees. Please contact us to arrange.

Zoom Consultation

Free zoom consultations are available for English Hubs to help with auditing, quotes, discuss further training needs for hubs and/ or partner schools. Please contact us to arrange.

In-Person & Online Presentations

Monster phonics are available to present at any events online or in person. Please contact us to arrange.

Leader Training

The hub lead can book Phonics Leader Training for partner schools. This comprises of 5 online sessions for the phonics lead.

The sessions focus on –

  • The role of the phonics lead
  • Monitoring teaching and learning
  • Assessment and Intervention
  • Using decodable books
  • Embedding Monster Phonics and next steps

Information For Schools

There are 34 English Hubs across the country that offer support to local schools, academies, and free schools to improve the teaching of phonics, early language and reading in Reception and Year 1.

Hubs may offer the following support:

  • Showcase events in teaching phonics, language, and a love of reading
  • Support to develop an action plan
  • A reading audit in eligible schools
  • Funding for training and resources
  • Support from a Literacy Specialist
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