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Our Foundations in Phonics Programme teaches the Phase 1 curriculum through child-centred, fun and engaging activities. Foundations subscriptions include both the online programme and book package to lay the foundations in phonics and get children ready to develop blending and segmenting skills. Over 100 activities teach all 7 aspects of Phase 1 and early Phase 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundations membership will give your staff access to the Foundations online programme for one year. The programme includes activities and resources to teach all 7 aspects of the phase 1 curriculum.
The Foundations programme is to be used alongside the Foundations reading scheme, as using both has the most impact on learning.
The membership lasts for one year. After this, it is renewable at £149 per year.
Each activity can take place over several sessions. Continuous provision activities are also included for children to dip into in the day.
Once they are ready to learn to blend and segment, they can start the Monster Phonics programme for schools.