Monster Phonics is committed to providing continuous, high-quality training, to all those leading or delivering phonics. Our training covers all aspects of phonics to ensure high quality teaching to all, and overall school fidelity to the programme.

On-going assessments of children’s progress enable the support of all children, including those who are at greatest risk of falling behind. All staff are supported through our training to navigate all of the Monster Phonics Programme, including our decodable books and our dedicated intervention programme of work, to help those in most need of help.

Training takes place via online or face to face sessions, depending on a schools need. Schools subscribe to our training for the duration of their membership, with the content available throughout, enabling teachers to access the content every day. All schools have access to a dedicated trainer, whose purpose is to ensure school fidelity to the programme, successful implementation to all relevant staff, and improvement in overall phonics knowledge and teaching.

Our training programme is mandatory as it is an essential element of an SSP programme and is key to ensuring schools effectively implement Monster Phonics with fidelity. This continuous professional development in the teaching of phonics and reading results in a high level of skill and expertise which supports pupil progress and school improvement.

Both the training packages offered include our online training series, consisting of 26 modules over 3 levels of training, as well as face to face training with one of our expert trainers. Training assessment ensures that teaching staff complete the training having secured extensive knowledge in all aspects of the teaching of phonics and reading.

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Sample Video: Using Decodable Books

“The training programme is very comprehensive. It is broken down into manageable chunks and the videos of lessons in action are very helpful, particularly the guidance on decodable books and guided reading.”

Rachael Glenn, Phonics Lead, Kingsley Community School

“Toni, our allocated trainer is excellent. Her expertise and passion for phonics shine through. There was a buzz around the whole school after our welcome meeting. The training programme was clear, concise and easy to follow.”

Vicky Leah, Phonics Lead, St Oswald’s Primary School

We are continuously recruiting new trainers, to ensure we provide the correct ratio of trainers to schools.  Each school builds a direct relationship with a dedicated trainer, who is on-hand to help with the successful implementation of our Programme.

If you would like to join our team on a full or part-time basis please contact us at [email protected]

Our Training Package

Training Package 1 - £349 + VAT*

  • Full access for all staff to our comprehensive online training programme for the duration of your membership.
  • Your school is assigned a dedicated trainer, to support staff every step of the way. Typically a school has a minimum of 4 scheduled meetings throughout the year.
  • Our training programme comprises of three levels.
  • Level 1 for all staff, focuses on teaching phonics and explains the Monster Phonics system.
  • Level 2, for all staff, focuses on how to teach using Monster Phonics and what this looks like in the classroom.
  • Level 3 for the SLT helps further embed Monster Phonics in the school, self-evaluation and school improvement plan.
  • At the end of levels 1 and 2, assessments are taken by all staff to check for any gaps in knowledge and follow-up meetings are arranged to help staff understand where to improve.
  • This package also includes a Parent Webinar for helping parents support their children at home.

* For 1-year subscription only. For 3-year subscription, the Year 1 payment is £349, followed by two payments of £150 in Years 2 and 3.



*Bespoke in-school training available on request. Please contact us for further details.

Training contents

Frequently Asked Questions

Insert new prices. We offer 2 memberships, 1-year for £ 599 + Vat and 3-Year membership for £ 399 + VAT / per year
The Monster Phonics membership will give all your teaching staff access to the planning, daily lesson, assessments, and intervention resources covering all the reception, year 1, and year 2 phonics and intervention across the school.
Yes, Monster Phonics is easy to introduce at any point in the school year. Our easy-to-follow yearly progression maps show the order of teaching and where to start in the Monster Phonics programme. The consistent planning makes it easy to implement improving results straight away.
Yes, lesson plans and resources are available for every grapheme and spelling rule taught in Reception and the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.
Yes, you can. We recommend all the teachers to sign up for the 15 days free trial to access the planning and resources without any commitments.