Further Evidence that Monster Phonics Significantly Improves Progress

A recent study showed a 38% improvement in Spelling Accuracy in Year 2 children after 5 weeks of Monster Phonics. Since then, further evidence from another Local Authority study showed the level of success to be even higher for intervention groups, with a 59% improvement in Spelling Accuracy.

Now another study confirms this staggering acceleration in learning. Sharon McCleod at Kilbowie Primary School in West Dunbartonshire measured Reading Age before and after Monster Phonics was introduced to children receiving phonics intervention.

The results are outstanding, with an average increase in Reading Age of 23 months after 5 months of using Monster Phonics. With the progress ranging from 9 months to 42 months, this clearly demonstrates that Monster Phonics has the ability to improve the learning trajectory for children who have previously struggled.

This provides further evidence that the Monster Phonics programme raises literacy levels for all children, including those who have previously found phonics a challenge. Improving the results for children receiving intervention has a significant impact on whole school results.

Monster Phonics is a National Curriculum teaching programme for KS1 and Reception. Free trials are available to schools at monsterphonics.com or email info@monsterphonics.com for more information.