Implementing a Phonics Programme in Schools: A Guide

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Phonics is a highly effective method of teaching children to read and write. By focusing on the sounds and letter combinations that form words, children can acquire the skills they need to read fluently and accurately. However, not all phonics programmes are created equal, and it is essential to choose the right one for your school.

To successfully implement a DfE approved phonics programme in your school, consider the following tips:

Choose the Right Programme: It is crucial to do your research and select a phonics programme that has a proven track record of success.

Provide High-Quality Training: Effective delivery of a phonics programme requires well-trained teachers. Ensure your teachers have access to high-quality training and ongoing support.

Assess Children Regularly: Regular assessments help you track progress and adjust instruction as needed. Identifying struggling students allows for targeted interventions and support.

Provide Resources: In addition to the programme itself, ensure your school has adequate resources to support phonics instruction, such as books, flashcards, and other materials like magnetic letters.

Personalise Instruction: Personalising instruction is crucial as not all students learn at the same pace, and some may have specific learning needs. Providing tailored instruction helps ensure all students receive the support they require to succeed.

It is worth noting that a recent EEF report highlights some shortcomings in the Read Write Inc. programme, such as its prescriptive nature and lack of flexibility in instruction. Additionally, it is much more costly than a programme like Monster Phonics, which ticks all the boxes outlined by the EEF and is much more cost-effective. Link: Read Write Inc. Phonics and Fresh Start | EEF (

In conclusion, phonics can be a valuable tool in helping children learn to read and spell. A programme like Monster Phonics is truly engaging, multisensory, and child-centred – a key ingredient missing in other programmes. See for yourself by visiting us at for a no-obligation free trial.