Monster Phonics Day

mp day 1

What an exciting day this was!  Our children from Pre-School to Year 2 had a wonderful day taking part in some amazing activities. 

It all started with a very special meet and greet from some of the staff who were disguised as their favourite monster!  The children were so excited and couldn’t wait for the rest of the day!

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Each class went on an orienteering phonic hunt, reading the clues about each monster and writing down the words that they found.  When all the words were collected the children worked in small teams to order the words to create a sentence!  It was amazing to hear the children talk about what the sentence could be and even more amazing to hear

them sound out all of the words!

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The children made masks of their favourite monster, creating fact files and job descriptions for a monster and Year Two even made their own flashcards on the Chromebooks for younger children to use in their reading!

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We had a wonderful day and all the children really enjoyed it! We love our phonics and Monster Phonics makes every phonic lesson exciting and memorable!

We can’t wait for our next Monster Phonics event!  I wonder what that could be?

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