Monster Phonics significantly Improves the Progress of Intervention Groups as well as Whole Class Phonics

Recent results from a Local Authority study provided evidence that Monster Phonics improved the spelling accuracy in whole class phonics lessons by 38%. Now, further data from an Action Research Project at Carleith Primary School in West Dunbartonshire, has shown that the level of success is even higher for intervention groups, with a 59% improvement in Spelling Accuracy.

The ability of Monster Phonics to change the learning trajectory for children who have previously struggled has been commonly reported by teachers using the programme. This evidence confirms that the scheme not only raises the levels for all children but also raises the levels for those who have found phonics challenging. Improving the results of intervention groups has a significant impact on whole school results.

Kathryn Blain who implemented the study commented, ‘I have seen improvements in writing. Children are much more keen to have a go at words now and are spotting the sounds when reading in other context.’

She also highlighted the enthusiasm that the children expressed for the programme.‘I heard the children planning a Monster Phonics birthday party! They were so engaged and excited by it.’ Prior to Monster Phonics 10% of children said that they enjoyed phonics, compared to 90% whilst using it.

Monster Phonics is a National Curriculum teaching programme for KS1 and Reception. Free trials are available to schools at or email for more information.