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We are looking forward to the return to school and helping your children make progress at this important time. We’ve outlined below some changes we’re making at Monster Phonics to help with the coming academic year.

Changes to the Monster Phonics website

We’re going to be changing our site to improve the ease with which resources can be accessed.  We’re also adding lots of new content.  We’ll be asking for feedback along the way to ensure these changes help you in teaching phonics. 

We have already adapted the Reception planning to ensure success in the summer term ELG assessments. We will be adding videos and other new content.  An online games section is also being developed.

School Stories

We would like to share stories of how schools are teaching phonics and catching up after the disruption caused by Covid-19. If you’d like to share stories from your own school that will help others, please let us know.


We are offering a new 1-hour online Staff INSET and a Parent Information Session. These two sessions will ensure Monster Phonics has an immediate impact on improving results, it will save you time, enable your school to demonstrate to parents the quality of phonics teaching, and importantly, will help parents help their children at home. They can be booked on different dates to allow you to have a staff INSET now and a parent session in September.

Profile Page for Your School

We are planning a Monster Phonics School Directory with a profile page for each school showing examples of how your school teaches phonics. We can include photos, video and anything else to show off your school! If you would be interested in this, please let us know. 

MP Filming

We are planning to visit more schools this term to film Monster Phonics in action. If you can help us, please let us know!

MP Model Schools

We plan to develop more Monster Phonics Model Schools. As a Model School, your school would become a centre of MP excellence and a host for training. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.


We are looking for passionate part-teachers who are interested in training in schools. Please get in touch if you would be interested in flexible part-time work in your area.

Good luck everyone this term! Please keep in touch. Here is a pre-recorded webinar with 10 top tips returning to school with Monster Phonics:

Best wishes