Support phonics at home using Monster Phonics

Many parents find phonics confusing, partly because they themselves may have been taught using different methods and also because phonics can be confusing. This is why we have made the process of learning to read and spell much simpler.  

Watch this video to see why and find out more how Monster Phonics Works.

Children make more progress with Monster Phonics because

  1. Your children are more engaged in the learning – children love the monsters and their world. Engagement is key to learning – a phonics programme that is successful for all children must achieve a high level of interest and engagement.


  1. Learning is enhanced by using multisensory methods. This is true for anyone learning anything. It is particularly true for children.


  1. Showing children sound using very simple colour-coding makes learning to read and spell easier. The different spelling for each long vowels, the silent letters and ‘tricky’ letters in the English language make learning to read and spell more difficult.


Ask your school to share the Monster Phonics Sounds Posters and spelling lists so that you can support your child at home.


Does your child find phonics difficult?

Here is a link to some suggested fun multisensory activities that you can try out at home.