Are you questioning the effectiveness of your special school’s approach to phonics?

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As we are now firmly in the calendar year 2023, it’s the perfect time for reflection and self-evaluation. Many special schools in the UK have been utilising home-grown phonics “schemes” without realising that these methods may not be evidence-based, often leading to the use of ineffective strategies such as whole-word reading and multi-cueing. The opportunity to up-skill staff through training may not have been missed.

In July 2021, the Reading Framework emphasised the importance of a phonics-first approach for teaching pupils with moderate and complex needs, making it clear that special schools are expected to prioritise this method as the foundation for reading and spelling. At the recent excellent SWALSS conference, many headteachers were already beginning to consider how well their current approaches were working for their pupils and what their next steps should be.

We believe we have the answer for you! At Monster Phonics, we firmly believe that our validated phonics scheme is the best option for helping learners thrive. By incorporating visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic methods, we make sense of our complex language in a multi-sensory way and work closely with special schools to adapt and refine our training and resources. We are the only scheme that enjoys this kind of partnership approach.

To see for yourself, join us for a free special schools’ webinar outlining the Monster Phonics approach.

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