Kerry James

Consultant Trainer

I have been teaching in the Primary sector since 2001 and have taught in all year groups. My subject specialism is English, and I was the English lead in a medium-sized school for three years, prior to leaving after I had my first two sons, in 2007.

I completed my MEd in 2007. The focus of my final thesis was how children learn to spell, with a focus on preferred learning styles. I am currently the English Co-Ordinator and Early Years teacher for a small rural Lincolnshire school.

One of the main reasons I enjoy presenting the Monster Phonics program to schools is that I am passionate about all children being literate and enjoying their learning. Receiving positive feedback from schools relating to success stories in spelling, reading and writing makes me extremely happy and fulfilled. In addition to this, being able to visit other schools and work with other teachers and teaching staff allows my learning to continue as a professional, in that I am always looking for opportunities to better my own practice; working in other settings is an ideal way for me to do this!

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family; our three sons, my husband, and three Labradors. I am a keen photographer and enjoy taking family photographs when we are out on our travels. I also have a love of reading; poetry of any sort, biographies and autobiographies.

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