Useful tools for learning

Flashcards can be used to support and review learning. Monster Phonics have flashcards for graphemes, phonics keywords, high-frequency words and common exception words and spelling rules keywords.


Year 1 Common Exception Words

Year 2 Common Exception Flashcards

Make learning tricky words easy

ai Flashcards

Multisensory and Memorable

oo Flashcards

Fun and Engaging

ure Flashcards

Help children to remember the important words for every grapheme.

ay Flashcards

Introduce new graphemes

oi Flashcards

Review words before reading

Homophones Flashcards

See the difference

Days of the Week Flashcards

It's fun to learn the days of the week

Months of the year

It's fun to learn the monthsof the year

ee Nonsense Flashcards

Help your children prepare for the phonics screen

ai Nonsense Flashcards

Play games that focus on reading and spelling