Foundations in Phonics Phase 1 Books

Foundations in Phonics books are specifically designed for children to develop an awareness of early reading and phonics teaching. The books introduce them to the Monster Phonics programme where they can meet the monsters and engage in a fun way independently or with a grown up. We’ve designed these phase 1 books, so each child’s love of reading is supported, by including a set of instructions at the start of each book for parents and teachers to use as a guide too.The set includes 20 phase 1 books and 10 'Meet the Monster' books. Ideal for both Nursery and Reception children.

20 Wordless Phase 1 Books

  • Cover the 7 aspects of phase 1
  • Develop an early understanding of book structure and narrative
  • Use actions to build vocabulary
  • Develop listening skills
  • Support parents in using wordless books and provides optional adult text that can be used in shared reading

Each book is a larger A4 size, perfect for younger readers.

Introduce the Monsters to your class with this set of 10 A4-sized books designed to be read by an adult.

The monster characters accelerate learning to read as they represent sounds and the graphemes which spell those sounds. Each book describes the life of the monster, their sound and the actions that they make.



Coming Next

Foundations in Phonics Scheme
Available in October
Activities to teach the 7 aspects of phase 1 phonics in a fun, engaging and child-centred way.
Go on a sound walk with Miss Oh No, explore percussion with U-Hoo the drummer, and play I-spy with Yellow I.
Each activity uses the monster characters, which are ideal for bringing phonics to life
Available in October

Integrate the Monster toys into your daily teaching. The toys can be used to help introduce children to graphemes, sounds and words in a child-centred and engaging way.

“We have been using the toys since January and our phonics screening test pass rate increased by 32% this year. I think the toys really help listening and focus as well as enjoyment. Our children love phonics!”

Leona Dixon, Barmston Village Primary School.

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