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Nonsense ee Word Flashcards

If you are teaching in Year 2, you will be faced with not only catching up on any gaps in the Year 1 curriculum but also preparing your class for the phonics screen, whilst teaching Year 2! Here is a set of downloadable nonesense flashcards to help you. Real and nonsense word flashcards are available for multiple graphmes as part of our free trial which we recommend as support at this time. Here is also a mock phonics screen that includes every grapheme, providing your class with more than enough practice! Monster Phonics is different to other schemes in that it makes phonics easier to learn, makes phonics easier to teach. Levels of class engagement are also high as the learning is fun.

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ee words

When is the ee grapheme taught?
The ee grapheme is taught in Reception in Phase 3 of Letters & Sounds and in Year 1 of the KS1 Curriculum.
What are the common ee words?
see tree green meet week free three knee been seen green seemed feel wheel teeth feet meet street sweet weekend cheese feed needed sleep asleep keep deep sweep weep cheeky greedy
What are pseudo words?
A pseudo word is a fake word consisting of a string of letters that resembles a real word but doesn't actually exist in the language eg brib, sneeb. In the phonics screening test they are also referred to as 'alien words' as each pseudo word is presented with an 'alien' to let the children know that the word isn't real.
Why does the phonics screening test use pseudo words?
Pseudo words are included in order to assess the ability to decode as opposed to using memory which supports the reading of familiar real words.
Are all phonics screening test words pseudo words?
No, half of the words are real and half are pseudo words. We have flashcards for both real and pseudo words for multiple graphemes available as part of the free Monster Phonics trial.