Monster Phonics Numbers

Number Song, Friezes and Flashcards

Monster Phonics brings phonics to life and makes it easier to learn and remember. Have fun teaching children to spell number words through Monster Phonics. Sing the song and download the number frieze.

Monster Phonics makes learning easier by colour-coding for sound and linking the sound to a monster that makes the same sound. Find out how schools are using Monster Phonics by listening to the teachers in the videos filmed at Monster Phonics schools.

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How does Monster Phonics Work?
The colour-coded grapheme system is unique to Monster Phonics; each coloured grapheme is paired with a monster character that makes the same sound to give audio-visual prompts that help children ‘see’ each sound within a word and pronounce it correctly. Our monsters are sound cues to help children remember how to read and pronounce graphemes. For children, the monsters are the rockstars. Monster Phonics is simple to teach in 20 - 30-minute phonics lessons. Find out more on the 'How it Works' and 'How to Teach' pages of the website.
Can I access all resources in the free trial?
Our free trial is very generous and allows schools to teach whole lessons. This enables them to see the results for themselves. Children become more engaged. Try it to see how learning is accelerated.
What curriculum does Monster Phonics follow?
Monster Phonics teaches Letters & Sounds and the KS1 Curriculum. Schools can be assured that all statutory requirements are covered.
Does Monster Phonics have a reading scheme?
Yes, Monster Phonics has a reading scheme which corresponds to the teaching of phonics so perfect for schools. Find out more from our 'Books' page. Colour-coded magnetic letters kits, spelling books, charts and posters are also available.
Do you provide INSET?
Yes, both online in-depth and one hour INSET is available. In addition, we deliver information sessions direct to your parents. The training enables all staff to teach the approach and leads to rapid embedment across the school community.