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"Monster Phonics is easy to follow with really comprehensive plans."

Louise Maughan, Willington School, London

Our simple Yearly Progression Maps make it easy to see where to start the programme at any time of the year. Take a Free Trial to try out the programme today.

Progression Maps

Significant Impact in Schools

Monster Phonics significantly improves results as colour-coding helps children to understanding and remember phonics.

What Schools Say

1. Introductory PowerPoint

Introduce each lesson with an engaging PowerPoint. The monsters bring phonics to life and colour-coding makes it easy to teach each grapheme. As well as a resource for teaching reading and spelling, the PowerPoints also introduce National Curriculum spelling rules such as adding suffixes. Monster Phonics accelerates progress for every child. Rather than relying on rote learning, it promotes understanding.

2. The Hook - Video, Song or Story

Every lesson has either an animation or a story. Each animation has a song and is set within the monsters’ world. Like all our activities, the songs and videos use all the National Curriculum keywords and scientifically proven words that children need to learn. This accelerates learning to spell the most relevant words for each grapheme.

Songs are also downloadable separately for revision once the lesson has finished. By learning the song, children will know the most important words for each grapheme. Singing on the way to lunch or going out to play is easy spelling practice!

3. Main Activity

Each lesson provides focused multi-sensory activities. Each is purposeful, fun and engaging. In a Monster Phonics lesson, every child is busy learning. The science behind Monster Phonics that links sound with graphemes and the most common words, accelerates learning, ensuring that children quickly become more confident readers and writers.

Learning Throughout the Day

Embedding Monster Phonics in the environment and routines enables all-day long learning. Extend phonics beyond the classroom by having signs in Monster Phonics colour-coding. Fun Monster Phonics activities in the outside environment create learning through play opportunities that children love.


Support Flashcards

Flashcards are provided for every grapheme (real and nonsense words), common exception words and high-frequency words. These are also presented in PowerPoints for whole class reading.

See our free common exception word flashcards for Year 1 and Year 2

Support Flashcards


Our Assessment Tracker, PowerPoints and Flashcards enable teachers to easily record detailed formative assessment data, map progress and help provide early identification of intervention needs. Monster Phonics schools also have access to our online Phonics Screening Check tool. This provides online access to past tests and delivers results by email. The common exception word spelling tests inform the Year 2 Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 2 memberships, 1-year for £ 599 + VAT and 3-Year membership for £ 399 + VAT / per year
Yes, in order to ensure high quality teaching and overall school fidelity to the programme, our training is mandatory on taking a subscription. Monster Phonics is committed to providing continuous, high-quality training, to all those leading or delivering phonics
There are 2 packages available.

Package 1 £349 + VAT* This provides full access for all staff to our comprehensive online training programme for the duration of your membership. If you have a 3-year membership, then your school will have access to the online training programme for this duration. Our training programme comprises of three levels.

Package 2 £2499 + VAT This includes all the benefits of package 1, plus 2-day face to face training. Full access for all staff to our comprehensive online training programme for the duration of your membership.

* For 1-Year Subscription only. For 3-Year Subscription, the Year 1 payment is £349, followed by two payments of £150 in Years 2 and 3.
Yes, our reading scheme is fully aligned to the National Curriculum, and also meet all Ofsted criteria. Easy and exciting to read for children, with read-along sections for parents of younger children that help bring the story to life. The Monster Phonics reading scheme consists of 130 books divided into stages: 5 stages in Reception, 5 stages in Year 1 and 2 stages in Year 2. Books can be purchased as a whole scheme, for a specific year group, or in individual stages; eBooks subscriptions are also available for the whole scheme of 130 eBooks, or for specific year groups or stages.
Yes, letter formation of each letter is taught as part of the main phonics lesson in Reception. The introductory PowerPoint shows the children how to form the grapheme which is also modelled by the teacher; and the children then ‘air write’ the grapheme. Monster Phonics recommends three additional handwriting sessions take place each week, and additional handwriting activities for this can be found in the Quick Links section of the website. This includes Letter Formation PowerPoints and videos.