Significantly Improves Results

School data proves that Monster Phonics consistently improves progress. It has a high impact across all demographics, including high deprivation and second language.


Monster Phonics Schools

  • Data from high-users of the scheme shows an average percentage point increase of 13% in their first year of using Monster Phonics.
  • Phonics catch-up in the first term after the 2020 lockdown was also significant in Monster Phonics schools, with the phonics pass rate in Year 2 improving by an average of 30% (12% to 42% range) to pre-Covid levels by December.
  • A comparison of the most recent Autumn Year 2 PSC shows an average 9% points improvement across Monster Phonics schools year on year. The teaching philosophy and approach enabled continued phonics improvement despite a second lockdown.


Local Authority Studies

The visual link of colour and monster sounds help children to remember the sound. Data from independent studies both in areas of high deprivation highlighted the significant fast-paced improvement that children make using the programme.

  • Goldenhill Primary School introduced Monster Phonics to two Year 2 classes, measuring spelling accuracy before and after Monster Phonics teaching. The results showed that children spelt 38% more words containing previously taught graphemes correctly after 5 weeks of Monster Phonics.
  • A further impact study based at Kilbowie Primary School tested how Monster Phonics improved reading age in cross-age children requiring intervention. The shows an increase in reading age of 23 months over a 5-month period. By the end of the study all of the children were reading at their age-appropriate level.


Ongoing Data

We collect data on a termly basis to inform us of progress in schools. If your school would like to contribute, please email [email protected] Our current project measures phonics knowledge in Year 1 classes (2018 PSC) in terms 1, 2 and 3.

To support internal sharing of longitudinal data, an Online Phonics Data area is available for schools to record their results.


Case Studies

The Case Studies show how schools have used Monster Phonics and the results they have achieved. These consistently show improved phonics results, as well as a renewed enthusiasm and engagement in phonics from the whole school community.


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