Free Phase 1 Training for Nursery

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We believe that phonics training should be available to all EYFS providers. Training improves provision and childhood outcomes, and provides opportunities for passionate staff to develop new skills.

Why teach Phase 1 Phonics?
Phase 1 is taught in nurseries and pre-schools as part of the government’s curriculum guidance for 3-to 4-year-olds. As well as a requirement, it is a crucial part of day-to-day practice through which children develop sound awareness and speaking and listening skills -vital for later learning to read and spell.

Research has shown that children who have secured these skills perform better academically than those who have not. As seen post-lockdown, many children deprived of this experience struggle in literacy. So, Phase 1 is crucial. Like all aspects of the EYFS curriculum, it should be delivered through child-centred activities, games, songs, nursery rhymes, stories, and play.

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Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some programmes can be too prescriptive or jump too quickly to Phase 2. In doing this they can harm or impede progress. Is there sufficient training and support for providers? The answer is no. Studies suggest the main reason for the recent high staff turnover is a lack of training and support, particularly for people in their first position in an EYFS setting. So, why is it not more available? The National Day Nurseries Association’s sixth workforce survey cited underfunding, rising business costs, and squeezed budgets as the cause. This was prior to lockdown and the current financial climate, which has further tightened belts.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Book free in-person or online training Monster Phonics is delivering Phase 1 training across the country, in person and online. It is free and you do not have to sign up to the programme. Our phonics training helps you to prepare children for school, ensuring they have the foundations to learn to read 00and write, regardless of whichever phonics scheme they will use in their school setting.

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If you would like free Phase 1 training at your PVI event, pre-school, school or nursery, please get in touch and we will arrange to deliver quality training in your setting. Or book an online live session
via Eventbrite. CPD certification provided.

The Monster Phonics Foundations Phase 1 Programme matches the EYFS Framework and Development Matters Bands.
• Online planning, activities and resources to ensure quality Phase 1 phonics teaching.
• 30 Foundations in Phonics books create a love of nursery rhymes, songs, traditional tales, and non-fiction. Each book includes
activity ideas, questions, and actions to support vocabulary.
• Educational toys to engage and bring learning to life.

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