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Monster Phonics uses colour-coding for sound to successfully accelerate learning. Multisensory teaching utilises all the senses, including the visual sense of colour to facilitate learning. Enjoy our free resources! More worksheets to be added soon. Read the Monster Phonics guide for activities to teach spelling at home.


Phonics Activity

Cool Blue makes the long oo sound and colours all of these graphemes blue. Listen to his song about his job at the zoo. Jump and clap when you hear an oo word. Then cut and paste the oo words. How many can you remember? Can you write them in the colour-code?


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Free Phonics Crosswords


igh Crossword        igh Crossword Answers


wr Crossword         

Word Matching Pairs Games

Cut out the cards, shuffle and turn face down. Each player turns over 2 cards. If a matching pair is found then both cards are won by that player. Use the Record Sheets as an opportunity to practise spelling oa words by recording the words that have been found for each player. Try writing in colour -code! The winner is the child with the most matching pairs.

oa Matching Pairs Game       oa Record Sheet

About the Monsters

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Angry Red A Poster Green Froggy Poster Yellow I Poster Miss Oh No Poster U-Hoo Poster Brown Owl Poster Silent Ghosts Poster Tricky Witch Poster Black Cat Poster





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The Phonics Screening Check

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Through colour-coding for sound and fun monster characters, Monster Phonics overcomes stumbling blocks and unlocks the mysteries of the English language in an engaging and memorable way. Need to know how the colour links to sound through the monster sound cues? Meet the monsters in the video below.