Helping parents to support children at home

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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Monster Phonics! Your school will share a parent login with you. Use this to access Monster Phonics resources. Each week, you child’s class teacher will share their current learning with you. They may suggest that you have a go at certain activities or watch specific videos at home. They may also suggest that you download resources such as Flashcards and PowerPoints to support home learning.

If your school has access to eBooks, they will share a link with you to create your own account. You will be sent separate guidance for this.

To Log in

Click Monster Phonics Programme in the Blue menu bar. Then click Lessons or click on the link shared by your child’s teacher.

The Monster Phonics Reading Scheme

Follow our PARENT GUIDE to best support your child with reading Monster Phonics books at home. Monster Phonics books are matched to the phonics that is taught in school. The stories help children to practise what they have learned phonetically and also instil a love of reading. Research shows that reading for enjoyment is an important predictor for children’s educational success. We recommend that reading is an integral part of your daily routine. If on any one day you have time for nothing else… then read, read, read!

FInd out more about Monster Phonics books

  • Read an eBOOK (link to samples)
  • Watch a Monster Phonics Story time
  • Read our Parent Guide to Monster Phonics Books


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Meet the Monsters

Monster Phonics creates a love of learning by making learning fun and more memorable. Rather than relying on rote learning, Monster Phonics uses colour-coding to promote understanding, which improves results. 

Find out more how Monster Phonics works

  • visit the how it works page
  • attend a free parent webinar
  • download one of our apps


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