Helping Parents to Support their Children

Colour-coding clearly helps children to understand phonics better, to retain what they have learnt and to make more progress. Not only are we seeing more and more schools switch to this way of teaching but we are being inundated with requests from parents.

We are currently working on lots of new resources for this purpose. So to help us with this, if you as a parent have a suggestion for what resource you would most like to have, please let us know at info@monsterphonics.com.

To help support parents, we have bundled the spelling books 1a, 1b and 2 which cover all of the spellings in KS1. These will give your child the support that needs throughout these two school years and are the ideal resource to ensure that your child has acquired this learning.

Monster Phonics Poster for the Phonics Sounds and High-Frequency Words are also recommended support and Monster Phonics Apps are a fun and engaging way of ensuring that your child learns to spell the first 300 High-Frequency Words. Remember that these cover 65% of all printed words!

Spelling Log Book Set for Parents

Sounds Poster Download (Free within the Programme)

100 High-Frequency Words Poster





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