Phase 5 Tricky Words

This is Phase 5 of the Monster Phonics Tricky Words series

Learning is more memorable and fun

Now use colour, draw, paint, make and play games for fun and engaging learning that uses all senses. Learning in different ways helps children to remember these words.

Green Froggy colours graphemes that make the E sound green. She is a green monster and makes the E sounds. She helps children to learn to spell words that have these sounds. 

She shows which grapheme makes the E sound in the word ‘people’ she shows which grapheme. Watch out, there is a silent ghost and Tricky Witch too! Tricky Witch changes the sound of graphemes to something different. Here she has changed ‘le’ to and ‘ul’ sound. This helps children to remember the tricky part of the word.


Miss Oh No colours graphemes that make the O sound pink. She is a pink monster and makes the O sound. Here she shows that the single letter ‘o’ makes the O sound. There is a silent ghost too!


The ghosts help children to remember the silent letters in words. They colour the silent letters in words white and make no sound. The ‘o’ and ‘l’ in ‘could’ make no sound. This helps children to remember to write letters that they can’t hear in words.


We explain to children that the tricky part of a word makes a different sound to the one that they have been taught. This is because Tricky Witch has cast a spell on the sound they know so well. We colour code these tricky graphemes gold.




What are Tricky Words?
Tricky words are those words which cannot be sounded out easily. Emergent readers may find them difficult to read as they have not yet learned some of the graphemes in those words.
What are the Phase 5 Tricky Words?
Phase 4 Tricky Words include oh, people, could, Mr, Mrs, their, called, asked and looked