Change the World of Reading to Improve Progress

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The following episodes take you on a journey to explain how we can make phonics multi-sensory, easier to learn and more engaging.

Episode 1:

Use Colour to Significantly Improve Results

Using colour to indicate sound has been proven to dramatically improve learning. Our system is used across schools in the UK and internationally. This video shows you how you can use this approach to accelerate progress for your child no matter what phonics scheme is used in school.

Episode 2:

The Monsters and the System

We will show you how to simplify and accelerate learning to read using a unique our colour-coded approach.

Episode 3:

How Monster Phonics makes the High-Frequency Words easy to learn!

Why the top 300 high-frequency words are essential words to learn.

Episode 4:

Colour-Coded Magnetic Letters

A quick demonstration of colour-coding and how our magnetic letters support learning.

Episode 5:

Monster Phonics for Parents

Monster Phonics is for parents, schools and peripatetic teachers. It is for anyone who has an interest in improving results through a scientific and child-centred approach. Improve results – use Monster Phonics.

It’s time to have fun learning through a multi-sensory approach that supports all learners. Call or email to access our online Parent Programme that includes our whole school reading scheme of eBooks and interactive games.

Episode 6:

Applying the Science of Reading

Monster Phonics breaks down words into their component parts to show the exact relationship between letters and the sounds that they make. This accelerates learning to read and spell. Hear how the history of the English language has resulted in the unusual spellings of many high-frequency words and how Monster Phonics uses colour-coding to make learning these words easier.

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