Monster Phonics Magnetic Letters

Monster Phonics magnetic letters are different from any other magnetic letters because they are colour-coded for sound. Each sound is linked to a colour and a monster that makes the same sound. This accelerates learning as it makes phonics easier to remember and lots of fun too.

The Monster Phonics Programme follows Letters & Sounds and the KS1 Spelling Curriculum. Independent local authority studies show a 38% improvement in spelling accuracy over a 5-week period and a 23-month average improvement in reading age in just 5 months.

The Monster Phonics Reading Scheme also links to the programme and to the curriculum, ensuring that children use the phonics that they have already been taught in their reading.

Each set costs only £38 and consists of 2 boxes and a total of 158 magnetic pieces. Schools that subscribe to the Monster Phonics programme receive a significant discount with multiple purchases. A 15-day free trial of the programme is available. Sign-up requires no financial information, only an email address and expires automatically.

Call us on 0800 211 8052 or email if you would like to make an order.