The Impact of Monster Phonics on the Phonics Screening Check

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Congratulations to all our schools for yet another year of fantastic results!

We know how hard schools work to support their children and how results can often vary with cohort, particularly in small schools. We have seen an overwhelming increase in results on the phonics screen, helping teachers to feel rewarded after the pressures of ‘catch-up’ after lockdown. 

We often see the greatest jumps forward in schools new to Monster Phonics as the colour-coded support accelerates learning. This year we have seen up to a 43% increase in the first year in new schools with an average 11% improvement. Data like this helps schools know that their children will achieve with Monster Phonics 

Below are just a few of our many comments from schools about the impact

“We are proud of our Year 1 and 2 children who excelled in their PSC.  The impact Monster Phonics has had on our children, parents and staff is staggering.  This year we have seen the best ever PSC results and this is due to Monster Phonics and it being engaging, creative, fun and enjoyable for everyone – children, staff and parents.”

St Oswalds Primary, Wigan – 96% Pass Rate 

“We feel very passionate about Monster Phonics. The children thrive through using colour-coded monsters to support their learning of phonics. The learning materials are of high-quality. The children have a new love for reading, they are excited to get their phonics books out and find out which monster they are reading about that day! The monsters play a huge part in successful engagement in every lesson/intervention. We found the PSC materials Monster Phonics provided us with to be very helpful. Our results show the incredible impact Monster Phonics has had in our school – last year PSC 53% – this year 73%!!”

Barmston Village, Washington 

“The children at The Breakspear School have made excellent progress in reading using the Monster Phonics books and resources. The colour coding and different characters has really helped our children to get to grips with some of the more challenging elements of learning to read. The Monster phonics books are of high quality and the children are motivated to read them. We are very pleased that our phonics screening has increased by 10%.”

The Breakspear School, Hillingdon 

Schools who adopt Monster Phonics after one year see, on average, a jump off 11-15%

Why are Monster Phonics Schools So Successful?

A complete programme spanning the 3 – 11 age range, Monster Phonics has everything that schools need. 

  • Foundations Phase 1 Programme  
  • EYFS KS1 Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme  
  • KS2 Spelling Programme (ready in September) 

Whole class teaching, easy implementation and high-quality teaching and learning resources reduce workload and help teachers to focus on teaching. 

The multisensory nature of the programme, unique colour-coding and engaging monsters help all to accelerate learning. The extensive range of aligned fully decodable reading scheme, enables you to teach effective high-quality phonics and early reading sessions. Costs are kept low too so that schools can afford to buy more. We also have funding available for new schools to help them make the transition to Monster Phonics 

Our comprehensive training packages include a dedicated trainer and built-in assessment, support class teachers, Phonics Leads and Headteachers ensure school improvement. We also provide parent webinars to support home learning too! 

If you would like a free full access login for your teacher to try, or would a demo, please email Monster Phonics at [email protected]. You can also take up a free trial.