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5 Sets of Tricky and Decodable Word Cards

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Make Tricky and Decodable words easy to learn with these Monster Phonics A5 Tabletop Cards.

Traditional ways of learning to spell can be time-consuming and for some children they are ineffective. Monster Phonics is colour-coded for sound to accelerate learning.

The colour coding is aligned with the Monster Phonics programme which recognises that children learn differently. It provides different memory cues for multiple ways of learning.




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This set contains 20 cards in total.

There are 5 sets of 4 cards. Each set consists of 4 A5 cards for Term 1, 2 and 3 of Reception and beyond, displaying the Tricky Words on one side and the Decodable Words on the other. Colour-coded for sound to accelerate learning.

This useful for classroom resource can be used to support up to 5 groups of children.




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