Brandon Primary School

Miss Abbott - Phonics Lead

A positive impact on learning

The Monster Phonics characters are instantly recognisable, colourful and fun, with a back story to support who they are. The colour coding helps children to recall sounds and quickly decode and read high-frequency words. Our children thoroughly enjoy their phonics sessions and are engaged and eager to find out which monsters they are going to meet each day. They love the reading books, as the shared adult and child sections help the reading to flow and bring the stories to life. Although new to this programme, we can already see a positive impact on learning and look forward to seeing our budding readers and writers flourish.

Miss Abbott - Phonics Lead

Here are Brandon’s favourite resources

Reading Books



Power Points

What the kids are saying...

"Learning how to read the words is much easier"

Miss Oh No

"The monsters and the colours show us what sounds we need to use"

Angry Red

"They help us to spell words too"

Yellow I

"Monsters are bright and colourful so the words look fun and interesting"

U Hoo

"Tricky Witch makes us really think about the sounds in our tricky words"

Tricky Witch

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