Middle Rasen Primary School

Kerry James, Class Teacher

Perfect Scheme for our children

The Monster Phonics scheme is perfect for our Reception, KS1 and KS2 children requiring interventions. The multisensory approach is amazing, and we have found that children of all learning styles are engaged and love the Phonics sessions. Monster Phonics’ range of resources means that there is consistency across adults teaching, and children learning, as well as allowing parents to be fully involved with their children’s learning. I would highly recommend this scheme to other schools.

Kerry James, Class Teacher

Here are Middle Rasen’s favourite resources

Magnetic Letters




What the kids are saying...

"I love Tricky Witch and The Black Cats. They make it easy to figure out"

Black Cat

"My favourite thing is the Monster songs. They make me laugh"

U Hoo

"We play lots of games in Phonics and that makes it fun."

Green Froggy

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