Milford School

Andrew Stear

children love it

Monster Phonics is fairly new here but the children love it and the staff have enjoyed having input into the programme! The colour-coded Monsters are great and have made a big difference for our children already and the systematic, structured programme supports all our children to progress well with their reading. It’s such great value and is backed up with great resources, including books and ebooks. The Monster Phonics family really care about the product and act upon feedback and actively seek it because they really care and want to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Milford is proud to be a Monster Phonics School.

Andrew Stear

Favourite Resources

Here are Milford’s favourite resources



Magnetic Letters

What the kids are saying...

"The Monsters help me to recognise and read tricky words!"

Tricky Witch

"I love Angry A. My teacher makes up funny stories!"

Angry Red

"Some of the songs are silly, but I like them!"

Black Cat

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